Lauren King

My friend's brother is an amazing podiatrist in NYC, but he doesn't take insurance so as much as I think he's great, I can't see him. That being said, my bar was set pretty high when looking for a new one.

I'm going to go into great detail here because it matters. If you are a TLDR type, I'll summarize at the bottom.

I researched and researched for a good podiatrist and decided to see Dr. Asfaneh Latifi. With little to no wait time, the doctor had my feet in her hands. She looked at my foot and knew what my issue was, Accessory Navicular Syndrome due to an extra bone in my foot. She told me to buy specific shoes (Hoka, Oofos) and ordered an MRI for me. I had x-rays from a previous visit to urgent care and she said she would review it the following day while in clinic.

The next day, I received a phone call from Dr. Latifi while she was in clinic and she told me about some other fun issues with my foot (bipartite tibial sesamoid anyone?). She then texted me pics of my x-rays. Yes, a doctor texted me, from her cellphone, pics of my x-rays and then said to let her know if I had any questions.

I hadn't heard back from Lenox Hill Radiology (LHR) about scheduling my MRI, so I called Dr. Latifi's office (on a Friday afternoon). The amazingly helpful office manager texted Dr. Latifi who was headed to a week-long vacation for Thanksgiving. The Dr. called me immediately and vowed to get to the bottom of my situation, even if it meant working while on vacation overseas. Within a half hour, the Dr. called LHR and then called me back with an update. LHR then called me with an update (denied by insurance and I needed a peer-to-peer review). The Dr. called me again and said she would handle it now, or on vacation. I actually told her to please just enjoy her vacation and don't worry about me. She said she didn't mind and would solve the issue. Then the Dr. called me, AGAIN to tell me she got it sorted/approved and gave me the reference number. Yes, the Dr. called me, repeatedly, from her cell phone, even though she wasn't in the office that day. Dr. Latifi got my insurance sorted in record time, before she even packed for her own vacation and her flight was leaving a few hours later. When was the last time a Dr. did something like this for you?

In summary: Dr. Latifi is AMAZING! She is whip-smart, to the point, quick (in a good way), personable and caring. She follows through as she says she will, without the patient needing to nudge. I'm not even through with my treatment but I had to write this review to let people know how great Dr. Latifi is.

Andrea Gabay

I absolutely love Dr. Latifi! She’s so personable, great bedside manner, and great communicator. Clean office and she has always seen me right away with little to no wait for appointments. She communicates and follows up with results really fast and has even texted me. She worked hard to figure out what eventually figured out to be a poroma (initially thought was a callus on my foot) and she gave me a referral to get my poroma removed. She has been so amazing throughout this whole process and very thorough in trying to figure out what the problem was and how to resolve it. Dr. Latifi is everything you would you want in a physician!

C. Pierre

Dr. Latifi is an amazing doctor. She really listens and evaluates your issue and is very knowledgeable. She is very patient as well. She made the laser experience bearable with her patience and the care she has during the treatments. She really cares about helping you resolve your issue and is invested in you seeing results.

Normie Ville

Nice clean office. No wait in waiting room. Front desk warm and friendly. Dr.Latifi is kind and gentle. Listens and answers all questions. Although I was in pain this doctors visit was quite pleasant. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Sarah Downie

I have been very impressed with Dr. Latifi. She has a great manner and my feet have shown great improvement since she got involved in their care. Highly recommend!

Lara “Wonder & Wander”

Dr. Latifi is an amazing doctor and person - she’s down to earth, kind and provides the bedside manner that you don’t often receive now a days. Especially when dealing with a lifelong issue that’s embarrassing - she makes you feel at ease and taken care of.

Sandra Wissell

Dr. Latifi is very thorough and gives you a lot a doctor/patient time. I did not feel rushed at all. She addressed my needs and was very patient with me! Her staff is extremely friendly and professional and I did not feel like I was visiting a doctor mill. I would highly recommend her.

Marie-Louise Hennebry

I have been going to Dr. Latifi for several years and she is fantastic - she has treated and continues to treat my hard as rock toe nails - prior to my first visit I could hardly walk and wearing shoes was very painful - she was the first doctor to treat me successfully. When I tore some ligaments in my one foot - she had X-rays and an MRI done to determine the full extent of the damage and then treated my successfully so that I was walking perfectly. I highly recommend Dr. Latifi.

Rita Wu

Dr. Latifi is wonderful! She takes the time to follow up and called me with results of an MRI and carefully went though details and procedures. She listens and offers suggestions. I never felt rushed and felt like she actually cared.

Dianne Verdi

Dr. Latifi is fantastic! Found her on Zocdoc and went for the first time. Was not expecting the removal of a painful ingrown toenail to be so enjoyable! Definitely recommend and will see her again in the future.

Stephen Kosmicki

Dr. Latifi is easy to talk to, and really professional. She doesn't waste time, but I also never feel rushed during my appointment with her. She is confident about her work and explains her rationale and welcomes any questions or concerns. I am always confident I am getting the most up to date and effective treatment when I see her.

Kirsten Ferdinand

Dr. Latifi made sure to get me a cam walker and order a bone stimulator machine for me after having broken my foot in order to speed up the healing process. She called a week after visiting her office to ensure I was doing well and that all of my questions were answered. She’s very experienced and I’m happy with the care I’ve received so far.

Leba Eshaghoff

Dr. Latifi was amazing. She cared for my son so professionally and gently. He was in pain and she relieved his pain and was even concerned after the visit. She’s truly a gem who obviously loves what she does and it shines through. I would highly recommend her and her practice.

Lucy Watson

I have been coming to see Dr. Latifi for a couple of years now. I moved to New York a few years ago and I was so happy to find her! Not only is she professional but also is a very kind and patient person. She has an incredibly clean office and wait area and her front desk is managed beautifully by Gina. I feel like I've not only gained a wonderful podiatrist and that I'm taking care of myself in that way but that I have found a friend. 5 stars all the way around!

Anonymous A

The best podiatrist i've ever been to! Period. I've had a couple of issues that have been lingering because i could never find a doctor to really take care of them properly until i found Dr. Latifi, who is extremely diligent and kind, and will get to the bottom of whatever issues you have with your feet. I highly recommend her!

Michael Deutsch

I've been seeing Dr. Latifi for a few years and she's always been professional and efficient. Recently, I took two of my sons to her for various foot issues. One had a ton of pain when walking, running and playing ball. She quickly diagnosed flat feet and insoles. Problem solved for several months now. The other suffers from painful ingrown toenails. We've seen other podiatrists who have been "ok". But Dr. Latifi got to the problem quickly, easily and with minimal pain. He was shocked and didn't mind going back for checkups and additional fixing. For an 11 year old to say that, it's a win!

Jordana Zinner

Dr. Latifi did an incredible job, I did laser with her and was able to see incredible results after just a few sessions! The office is always so clean and efficiently run. Highly recommend!

Christina Maiello

Dr. Latifi was absolutely amazing. She was quick to examine my foot as I told her my story. Immediately she knew exactly what was wrong and gave me tons of recommendations for recovery. So happy I found her through Zoc Doc. Highly recommend her.

Charles Richard Conroy

Very competent and professional, answered my questions and explained the procedures. Dr. Latifi is patient-oriented, both in terms of her medical skills and patient-doctor communications. I'm very happy with her services.

Patricia Oetken

Dr. Latifi is knowledgeable and kind. She is a great listener and leaves no question unanswered. I very much appreciate her holistic approach to treatment for my particular foot health concerns. She is aces in my book.

Phyllis Townley

Was grateful to get an appointment so quickly, and Dr. Latifi was wonderful. Will schedule a follow-up visit after MRI test results come back.

Sarah-Ann Kramarsky

Dr. Latifi is caring and patient. She was highly recommended by my primary care physician and was forthright in explaining the procedure required to treat my problem. She also found that my circulation was not what she thought it should be, and suggested I should see a vascular surgeon. She even called my doctor to tell him what she thought.

I would recommend Dr. Latifi without hesitation. In fact I would give her six stars if an extra one were available.

Bonnie Feick

Dr. Latifi is great-- she explains everything, answers questions completely, and doesn't rush. She's also really personable. I highly recommend her!

Rashna Harda

Dr. Latifi is the best and I highly recommend her to anybody. She is thorough in her examination and extremely patient in addressing all your concerns and her facility is impeccably clean and charming.

Curtis Engelhart

Dr. Latifi is extremely knowledgeable and thorough with her care, and has been quickly responsive when I've had follow-up questions/concerns. She's also very personable with a wonderful bedside manner. I will continue to see her for my podiatric needs, and will be sure to send friends/family her way as well.

Shelley S

Dr. Latifi is a great doctor that I recommend highly. She is thorough, attentive and professional. It is just a pleasure to go to her office. She is very knowledgeable, punctionally and follows up personally. It is refreshing to have a busy doctor that does not communicate through a portal but calls her patients and cares about them. Thank you Dr. Latifi!

Katharina Tuttle

I went to Dr. Latifi for a toenail injury and just finished treatment. She recommended a 3-series laser treatment. Before seeing her, I was very worried my nail wouldn't grow back at all, but because of the treatment she provided, my nail is almost fully grown back and looks incredibly healthy! Amazing results.

Brandy Kirby

I enjoyed my first visit with Dr. Latifi, she was very nice and honest. She explained very thing clearly and straight to the point. She a wonderful doctor to work with and I can wait for our next appointment.

Michael Obrien

I experienced outstanding service from the scheduling of my appointments all the way through to the follow-up visits. Dr. Latifi and her staff always made me feel like a very valued and special customer. The convenience of flexible hours and being close to several subway lines made my visits a joy.

Lori Gaeta

She is amazing. Such a delightful personality. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend her.

Patrick Valentine

Dr.Latifi was welcoming and clear. She wasn't trying to sell or over treat a issue which I have run into with podiatrist. I would go back to her in a heartbeat and would recommend.

Tina Campt

Dr. Latifi as a warm and caring physician. This was my first visit and rather than feeling like a stranger, I felt she treated me like an old friend. She is thorough and very knowledgeable. Her staff is wonderfully efficient. And last but not least, it is a beautiful office. Couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend her!

JesusLove Forever

She is simply a blessing. Very knowledgeable, caring and goes above and beyond. Extremely happy I found her. I a million percent recommend her to everyone including my family and friends. She loves what she does and she AMAZING. Truly a GEM.

Anber Janjua

She was very thorough and helpful. Dr. Latifi always makes time for her patients no matter when they call.

Rose J

First, I was able to see Dr. Latifah earlier than scheduled appointment.

Second, Dr. Latifi explained the needed and relevant details about the two conditions I went to see her about and gave me my options for tx.

Finally, she did it all with professionalism and understanding.


The office is very clean and stylish, seems like she really took the time to think of little details to make it a calm and beautiful little place. The doctor herself was great. She was on time, (one of my greatest pet peeves is being kept waiting, I respect doctor's time I only ask they do the same) conducted a thorough consultation, there was no rushing me out of the office, and, she also took the time to review my medical history which is rather important because of the meds I am on, many doctors ask but don't actually pay attention to what's written. I was fairly impressed, she's not only smart, she is also compassionate and hard-working, there were no assistant's on one of my visits and she handled the whole thing with a work ethic that is lacking on many people now a days. The only thing I would improve would be the addition of diagnostic equipment (x-ray/ultrasound unit) but that's just cause I hate going back and forth but I can understand the expense is probably substantial. That being said, I would highly recommend her.

Azeem Farooki

I visited the offices of Dr. Afsaneh Latifi as a new patient. The Receptionist is a pleasant lady and as soon as I completed my initial visit forms, I was taken to the examination room to see the doctor. Dr. Afsaneh Latifi is a professional, competent and knowledgeable doctor and overall it was a pleasant experience.

Barbara Mastorgi

Dr. Latifi is not only highly professional, she provides additional helpful information for the patient to follow up with.

Lynn Manning

Dr. Latifi is attentive to my report of foot issues and attends to my needs fully. She is personable in her manner and keeps to her schedule. Her recommendations for care I might take of my feet have been very helpful and successful.

Stephen Scher

I have been seeing Dr. Latifi for some time and have always found her to be knowledgeable, concerned, and expert in her treatments. She is a dedicated professional.

Zoraida Rivera

Dr.Latifi was very competent and compassionate.My first visit with her was for callus on both feet.She made me comfortable by applying topical pain ointment.She was thorough and explained what the issue was and treatments.She found an infected area on my foot and took care of it and immediately,order meds which were delivered to my home within 2 to 3 days.The office is very clean and made a follow up appointment immediately.Her receptionist Gabriel was efficient, friendly and thorough.

Mohsen Ashtiany

I am delighted to say that I found Lenox Hill Podiatry and Dr. Latifi and her staff as welcoming, efficient and sensitive to my concerns as ever. It is reassuring to see exceptionally high standards maintained so consistently.

Chrisoula Skoufalos

Dr. Latifi is a very caring,and professional doctor. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

Betty Listello

Very professional and so nice to be seen on such quick notice. I was particularly pleased - I thought I had booked two separate appointments - one for me and one for my 98 year old companion. Dr. Latifi very nicely squeezed him in without any delay to her next appointment. I will be more diligent in the future making online appointments.

Lauren Singer

Dr. Latifi saw me on time. She was very pleasant and answered all of my questions and then provided treatment recommendations. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Lori Schwartz

Dr. Latifi was extremely pleasant and smart. I highly recommend working with her!

Adriana Leal Reis

Dr. Latif helped me with my ugly feet! I’ve been struggling with dry feet and cracked heels for a few years, nothing that I tried worked, including products that were prescribed by doctors! I’m very happy with the results after seeing Dr. Latif. She is very polite and gave me many tips on how to keep my feet smooth. If you follow her recommendations, you can say good bye to the ugly feet! I would definitely recommend her!

Betty Listello

Dr. Latifi is very professional, highly skilled and works fast, but explains all questions thoroughly and you do not feel rushed. Conveniently located and being able to book online is a real plus for my own hectic schedule. I feel so very lucky to have found her.

Marianne Labriola

Dr. Latifi has given me great care through the years! She is very knowledgable and compassionate. I highly recommend her!

Leigh Kamioner

I chose Dr. Latifi because of her positive reviews & after being misdiagnosed by another podiatrist & “told to slap some nail polish” on my crumbling, yellowing detached toenails.

She was the opposite of that dismissive, Dr. & has an efficient, upfront & very affable demeanor.

Irene Harron

Dr. Latifi is kind, thorough and efficient. I am very pleased with her and highly recommend her.

Philip Levine

Dr. Latifi's toenail clipping and smoothing were first-rate. Appreciated her advice as well. Hard to imagine unearthing a pleasanter, more competent podiatrist.

Robin Blumenthal

Dr. Latifi is a wonderful podiatrist. She is extremely engaging and really cares about the patient. Works extremely well with children. Highly recommend.

Sarah Macdonald

Dr. Latifi is incredibly kind, attentive and professional. The practice is very clean, modern and tranquil. All round Lenox Hill Podiatry offers a fabulous service.

Abigail Walters

Amazing service and a very friendly environment. I was able to get the help that I needed with my injury swiftly.

Tal Kaissar

Dr. Latifi is a great doctor. She spent time with me explaining my option and giving me advice. I really appreciate her advice.

Emily Szajnuk

This woman is amazing! I was in and out in 15 minutes and she did her work so fast and efficiently. I couldn’t believe how amazing she worked and how quickly my foot felt better. Highly recommend!

Daniel Hemli

Excellent care. Dr. Latifi is friendly, patient, and knows what she is doing. Highly recommended.

Gerrilyn Livingston

I love this Doctor! Highly recommend! Clean beautiful office, very courteous receptionist, and I have the upmost confidence in this doctor!

Randolph B. Hunt

Excellent timely service. Very professional and has interested in the patients general health as well as podiatry. She cares about the patients health and will as you general questions about the health not just about the condition of your feet.

Stacey Vazquez

I had a great experience at this office. Dr. Latifi was super friendly and very thorough and extremely helpful.


I highly recommend Dr. Latifi. She's kind and listens to your concerns and provides great podiatry care.

Mary B

The doctor was very knowledgeable and kind. She knew what was wrong and made me feel comfortable and confident we could take care of the situation. I definitely recommend the doctor.

Sergey Nagorny

Very attentive and knowledgeable. Spoke in detail about the problem, the causes and the diagnosis. As well as the possible treatment options.

Jan Sigmon

Dr. Latifi was warm, professional, good listener and made a practical and useful plan for treatment.

Christina Gibson

The office is clean and welcoming. Dr. Latifi was kind, efficient and thorough. We left the visit feeling well informed.

Rubina Gradowski

No waiting time, Dr. Latifi listened my concerns and was very pleasant.

Monica Huang

She's very efficient with her time and she gives great recommendations! Great podiatrist to go to when you have foot problems!

Barbara Eigen

Prompt, efficient, quality treatment :-)

Excellent care, Dr. Latifi treats patients competently and with care.

George Delgado

First time ever to see a podiatrist. Easy to get an appointment, short wait time on arrival, very professional, effective treatments, affordable. Couldn't ask for anything more. Very satisfied with the whole experience.

Victoria Zummo

Excellent doctor, very satisfied with my appointment. It was a pleasure to meet her. She was very concerned and caring.

Ademi Moldogazieva

Great doctor! Helped me a lot, very neat and accurate, and very polite. Recommend 100%!

Gail Kempler

Dr. Latifi was very likable and did a very professional job on my keryflex. Highly recommend her.

Christine Karotseris

Dr. Latifi has great bedside manner! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Stephanie De Jesus

Dr. Latifa is a caring professional. Very efficient and friendly front office staff. Thanks for the shot - sorry I was a chicken!

Paul Evans

Dr. Latifi is always on time. I never had to sit around waiting with several other patients.

constantinos louca

Thank you Dr.Afsaneh.
Make me feel very comfortable.
FAST Appointment.
Modern, Clean, Beautiful office.
Very Professional.
I got my ticket to the beach. With healthy Feet.

Ellen Klein

The doctor is a consummate professional. I have multi issues and was schooled on strategies explained in the most gentle way. I’ve met my new podiatrist.


So Personable, Nice, Smart, Gentle, Encouraging, & Genuine.
A Very, Beautiful, Colorful, & Tranquil Office.
Thank you So Much.
Dr. Latifi & Courtney.

A Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving to you & your Family.

Nancy Levine

I was so pleased with Dr. Latifi and her office. Everything was immaculate and she was quick and lovely. I'll be back.

Jais Perez

I was in pain with an ingrown nail. Dr. Latifi's procedure removed the ingrown nail painlessly and within minutes. Thank you Dr. Latifi!

Mel Johnson, Jr.

Excellent care, medically, personally and service wise. Everything you want and need from you Doctor.

Heidi Hewes-Hollander

Perfection in every aspect. Appointments always on time, spotless offices, and the best in performing medical procedures.

c.a. len

Dr. Latifi is professional and focused on my issues and offered clear advice and suggestions I would recommend her.

Bryen De Jesus

She treated me like her own kid. I love her.

Kate Hanenberg

Dr. Latifi is thorough and professional, and the office is welcoming and efficient.

Elizabeth Polanco

Dr. Latifi is very knowledgeable about the industry. I’m happy I found her.

Elizabeth Hoepelman

The doctor was very sweet and informative. Looking forward to my next visit.

Nadyra Parsan

Elegant very clean office. Thoughtfully decorated.

Doctor extremely knowledgeable kind and patient.

Mimi Downing

As usual everything went well at my appointment yesterday. All very efficient and pleasant. Thank you.

Sam Cole

Always efficiently served, always well-treated, always professionally diagnosed. I love this office and this doctor.

Kenta Shirafuji

Dr. Latifi and her staff are amazing. Thanks for all the help!

Lashawn Jefferies

Dr. ALatifi is great. She takes your concerns seriously and gives you reasonable solutions.

Sunshine Helmer

Dr. Latifi is excellent. Extremely helpful and professional.

Christine Cumming

Excellent, on-schedule treatment. The doctor is kind, engaged, knowledgeable and efficient.

Joanna Caproni

The doctor took time to explain my problems and is making an attempt to find solutions.

Elizabeth Clarke

Very positive experience - would recommend without reservation.

Jeanne Ruperto

Prompt, attentive, a true & talented professional! So glad I found this lovely, gifted lady. Thank you!

Marcia Lowe

No wait. Doctor & staff very thorough and nice.

Alice Weiner

This is a very caring and intelligent and thorough doctor who specializes in feet and all its attendant needs to help us use them better!

A Mangra (SAM)

Quick response to calls and office visit. Nice clean space.

Devin Cremeans

Great experience. Very professional and attentive Doctor.

Melanie Radley

Knowledgeable, through, gentle--with feet that's important--and an excellent diagnostician.

Rachel Pardoe

No wait, friendly reception, nice office and the doctor was kind and helpful.

Prepared Mom

Very Kind, patient and knowledgeable!

Nikki Di

What a lovely doctor! I would definitely recommend!

Robert Katz

Always prompt and caring treatment; excellent Doctor.

Paula Cohen

Always nice to see Dr. Latifi.

Irene Nash

Always nice to see Dr. Latifi.

Stephen Kaye

Outstanding professional care , friendly atmosphere very pleasant experience.

Esam Trabulsi

Dr. Latifi is the best there is.

Marc Melloment

Very professional and appointment was on time.

Marguerite Elisofon

Very caring and professional service.

Bruce Acton

Very professional and thorough.

Claudio Jimenez

Great results. Quick and efficient.

Douglas McTavish

Caring total professional.

Jeffrey Geller

Great service as always.